The newly opened Vietnam Hub located inside the Greenland Global Commodity Trade Center in Shanghai will support businesses between the two countries to expand investment and opportunities.

On 13rd November, the Greenland Global Commodity Trade Center was opened in Hongqiao, Shanghai (China), in response to the 2018 China Import International Exhibition week. During this occasion, the Vietnam Hub was also launched inside Greenland Global Commodity Trade Center.

This is an idea by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and operated by Sunny World Investment & Development Corporation in order to broaden the opportunities to seek partnership between Chinese and Vietnamese companies.

Mr. Vincent Truong – Chairman and CEO of Sunny World, speaking at the opening of  The Vietnam Hub

With a total area of 300m2, The Vietnam Hub is one of the largest and most unique booth inside the Greenland Trading Center. There will be regular activities and events here to showcase popular export products from Vietnam such as fruits, processed food, handicrafts, lacquer… In addition, Vietnamese identity can also be displayed through Vietnamese traditional dress, conical hats.

Mr. Vincent Truong, – Chairman and CEO of Sunny World shares that the cooperation between VCCI and Sunny World aims to promote the export of agricultural and aquacultural products to international market, especially China – the world’s most populous market.

“In China, it is our priority to attract and connect with Chinese importers. The establishment of the Vietnam Hub will contribute to stabilizing and increasing export production as well as the value of agricultural and aquacultural products through official export” Mr. Vincent Truong said.

Mr. Ninh Thanh Cong – General Consulate of Vietnam in Shanghai (far left) exchanged with Mr. Vo Tan Thanh – Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI (far right) with Mr. Vincent Truong (Chairman and CEO of Sunny World (second from right) and Mr. Zhang Yuliang – Chairman of Greenland Group (middle)

In addition, the establishment of the Vietnam hub, Sunny World will also cooperate with the owner of the Trading Center – Greenland Group, to build a connection between Vietnam companies and leading import corporations in China. The goal is to establish strategic partnership with large and regular orders, instead of having to rely on traders to buy at fluctuated prices and in small quotas like before.

According to representative from Sunny World, when orders are stable, Vietnamese companies can confidently invest in high technology and suitable for developing raw materials areas, while also improve the quality and quantity of agricultural products. This will ensure farmers can self-support their life and able to focus on cultivation and production development.

China is currently the largest market for agricultural products from Vietnam. According to the Department of Customs, in 2017, bilateral trade reached $ 93.69 billion. Vietnam also maintains its position as China’s biggest trading partner in ASEAN.

Many tropical products from Vietnam are favored by Chinese consumers. However, Vietnamese products have not reached the domestic market, mostly in the south such as Yunnan, Guangxi…

One of the booth displaying agricultural products at The Vietnam Hub

With over 110,000 m2 floor area, Greenland Global Commodity Trading Center will take part in introducing and promoting many key commodities, with the potential of exporting to China from many countries, including Vietnam.

With headquarter in Ho Chi Minh city, Sunny World Investment & Development Corporation specializes in trade promotion, investment in infrastructure projects, industrial parks, logistics, technology, agriculture and Vietnam’s leading real estate developer. With team experts, Sunny World has actively applied its strength in many different industries such as trading, technology and fund raising for different projects in agriculture, infrastructure and logistics in the Mekong Delta provinces.

Agriculture is one of the industry that the group is focusing on developing. Sunny World’s representative shared that the Corporate is looking for partners who produce and supply agricultural products to cooperate in the development of raw materials, investment in research and breeding centers, application of technology in order to improve the quality and quantity and traceability of agricultural products. This will strengthen direct trade with the leading agricultural groups in the world.