Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” ― Anna Quindlen

Understanding the importance of education to individual development and sustainable social growth, Sunny World has been embracing social responsibilities, especially in education.

“Green Library – From hearts into the future” is the realization of our social initiatives, driving ahead our CSR approach in education.

“Green Library – from hearts into the future”, the first of our CSR initiatives was ignited after 3 months of research, designing and construction. This is the first green library built and rewarded to Hung Nhuong primary school in Ben Tre province. The library will offer a green and comfortable reading environment.”, said Vincent Truong, Chairman & CEO of Sunny World.

2019 marked the milestone on Sunny World’s CSR road map by granting and putting into operation the Green Library. The library offers a comfortable, friendly and interactive reading and learning environment surrounded by greeneries.

Built on the school’s playground, from the natural material of coconut wood, the library utilizes natural light, wind and shadow to save energy and offer green reading space. Besides, Sunny World installs learning apps, helping children to better study.

Impressive numbers

324 book titles from science, history, bi-lingual, comics… have been carefully selected
2.012 books granted for the main school and its 4 learning outlets.
1.300 notebooks granted for curriculum year of 2019 – 2020.
• Various learning apps are installed
80+ Sunny World family (including BOD, employees and their family) join hand to do clearance and cleaning the classes, preparing for the coming school year.

On the opening and granting ceremony of the library on August 18th 2019 at Hung Vuong Primary School, it was our honor to welcome the participation of Mr. Phan Van Mai (Provincial Party secretary, Ben Tre province); Mrs. Lam Nhu Quynh (Provincial Youth Union Deputy secretary); Mr. Nguyen Minh Trung (Vice President of People’s Committee of Giong Trom) and over 200 teachers and pupils.

“From hearts into the future” is the bridge that brings Sunny World closer to the community. This creates a unique corporate culture of Sunny World.

Besides our CSR initiatives, we build values by committing to synergizing given resources and networks to develop the region.

These papers will extend the children’s dream of a better tomorrow.

Mr. Le Thanh Dong – Hung Nhuong’s Principal said: “We are very grateful for receiving Sunny World’s sponsorship to build the Green Library, refurnish the main library and 4 learning outlets and fulfill the library with thousands of new books. We are committed to providing the pupils with the best learning conditions.”